Keith Davis

Keith Davis

National Speaker and former NFL player


motivational youth speaker“No one is born a winner or a loser, but everyone is born a chooser!”

Keith Davis learned many lessons about winning and losing over the course of his life. ”Winners are different than losers,” he says, “because winners look at what they are going to, while losers look at what they are going through.”

By sharing his own personal trials and triumphs, Keith Davis relates to every student and delivers the resounding message that will effort, a focus on education and the excellence they already possess, they can be champions.

“Long ago, I decided it’s more important to be a world-class person than a world-class athlete,” he says.

Keith Davis wants every student to know that with hard work, perseverance, and a winning attitude, they can become a champion in life.

“You don’t have to be great to get started,” he says. “You just have to get started to be great.”

Throughout school, Keith Davis struggled with academics. It wasn’t until he went to the University of Southern California on a football scholarship that he focused on putting his education first.

He graduated as an Academic All American with the top GPA on his team. After graduation, he received an NFL contract with the New York Giants.

Now, Keith engages students with his positive message, illustrating points and awing audiences with his strength and athletic ability. Students leave inspired to pursue big dreams and believe in themselves. Request information on booking Keith Davis talk to your school.

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Comments on Keith Davis’ Programs

“Thank you for coming to my school. I learned a lot today. I learned to never give up on your dreams. I’m going to get a good education and be a doctor.”
          ~Middle School Student

“I can really relate to your stories. But I believe I can change and not be a statistic.”

“This program was a life-changer for some of our students. They were engaged and very attentive to the message which was given. The students were very satisfied with the program.”

          ~Brenda Luevano, Intervention Specialist, Fort Worth ISD

“We loved Keith. He is a dynamic speaker – funny and able to make is point to all age levels. That takes talent. If you’ve ever tried to get five-year-olds to focus, you know what I’m talking about.”
          ~Cynthia Monsevalles, Counselor at Hubbard Heights Elementary

“Keith and Clarence captivated the attention of 1157 students for over an hour. They were great. Our kids have been talking about them all day and it is evident that they left an impact.”
         ~Principal Chris Perkins, Iroquois High School

“In my 27 years at McLean Middle School, today’s speakers were some of the best. Thank you, I feel what those men had to say was so very important for students to hear.”
          ~James Keegan, McLean Middle School

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Keith Davismotivational youth speaker


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