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Just Say YES - Youth Equipped to Succeed

Who We Are

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Just Say YES – Youth Equipped to Succeed is a nonprofit organization helping equip teens to succeed by educating them through student assembly speakers and classroom curriculum. Our goal is empowering students to say YES to their dreams and goals and no to destructive choices.

We come alongside schools and partner with them to provide the right speakers, media and curriculum to help students succeed academically and in life through making positive decisions that will improve their success inside and outside of the classroom.

Our speakers and resources cover a variety of topics including bullying, teen pregnancy prevention, teen dating violence, high school drop out prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, and self image.

Explore our website for more information on these topics and the speakers that cover them. We invite you fill out our program booking form. Once you’ve submitted your request, a program coordinator will contact you with more information on the services we provide and will work with you to build a student assembly or staff development program to meet the individual needs of your school.

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Our Mission

Providing youth with factual and relational information equipping them to lead healthy and successful lives.

Our Vision

Empowering youth to say YES to their dreams and goals and no to destructive choices such as drugs, alcohol, sexual activity and bullying.

Our Story

Just Say YES was founded in March 2002 by Dan Bailey with the focus of empowering youth by providing them with factual, relational information, while instilling the confidence necessary to choose to live healthy and successful lives, avoiding high risk behaviors.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Just Say YES engages dynamic nationally recognized speakers for student assemblies, multi-media programs and classroom curriculum to provide student, parent and staff/educator programs in public and private schools across the nation. Programs are customized for the specific needs of individual school/organization and have been conducted in 38 states thus far reaching more than 500,000 students, parents and educators.

Just Say YES also provides resources through its website for parents, youth and educators in the classroom.  Books, CDs, DVDs and curriculum can be purchased apart from or along with a program booking.

We at Just Say YES would appreciate the opportunity to develop a program outline for your organization.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Philosophy

We believe a connected teen is a protected teen.

Children and teens face incredible pressure on a daily basis. The stress of peer pressure, media influences and difficult life circumstances can lead these students to make decisions that will negatively impact their lives. Just Say YES–Youth Equipped to Succeed wields a positive message of hope, empowering them to avoid risk behaviors and equipping them to live healthy and successful lives.

These students have what it takes to succeed, but often they need someone to believe in them before they are able to believe in themselves. Just Say YES programs utilize experienced speakers whose own life experiences enable them to connect with students in a powerful way, encouraging them through stories of real life struggles and triumph. Their passion to see students turn their lives around and their belief in the ability of each one to succeed make a life-long impact.

Just Say YES programs are designed to be as relevant as possible to the various needs of different communities, youth organizations and school districts. Because each audience is different, Just Say YES works with individual locations to tailor programs to most effectively reach their students. Every program combines empowering positive content with an eye-opening and ear-catching delivery that keeps students and adults alike engaged throughout.

Just Say YES believes that every student needs a bigger yes in their life than the no they are facing. To this end, we provide factual and relational presentations that equip them to live healthy and successful lives and avoid high risk behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, and teen sexual activity. The Just Say YES message tells students that they can say YES to pursuing their goals and valuing their dreams.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any question about the services we provide, or want to know more about how you can partner with Just Say YES to help youth succeed, please contact us through email, phone, or send mail to our P.O. Box.


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