Carlos Phillips

Educator, SRAS Certified
6th-12th, Staff, Parent

Carlos Phillips is an educator and certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist who brings an essential message to audiences about teen parenting, healthy relationships and dating violence.

Research shows that children of teen parents often become teen parents themselves. Through the Just Say YES original program, “Breaking the Cycle,” Carlos educates teens about the risks of partaking in early sexual activity, and provides parent education by sharing his own journey of being a young parent.

“I was barely out of my teens when I became a parent,” said Carlos. “I remember emotionally, mentally and financially how hard it was. I hope to help teen parents avoid those difficulties by telling my story.”

Carlos challenges teen fathers to take responsibility and to be the man their child and child’s mother need for them to be. Teen parents become equipped to talk to their children about sex and the importance of sexual risk avoidance.

Through his program, “A Matter of the Heart,” Carlos covers the important topics of healthy relationships and dating violence in a unique and powerful format. He covers the six steps one should take when approaching a new relationship, and helps students identify the signs of an unhealthy relationship including: jealously, manipulation, verbal and physical harm, non-consensual sexual activity, and the use of social media and technology to control, pressure or threaten a dating partner.

Students and young adults walk away with a better understanding of what an unhealthy relationship truly is, and will become equipped to establish healthy boundaries.

“I want students to know that just because you start down a certain path, doesn’t mean you have to continue on it. You possess the power to take control of your life and achieve a better future.”

Carlos Phillips Impact

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Student Program

  • Students learn to recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and are equipped to establish healthy boundaries
  • Teen parents learn how to talk to their children about sex and the importance of sexual risk avoidance

Staff Program

  • Educators learn how to better support their teen parents, and understand how their encouragement can help students stay on track to graduate
  • Educators learn the signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships, and are taught how to address these issues with a student in a non-threatening way

Parent Program

  • Parents are taught how to read their child’s behaviors and what approach and communication skills to use in order to help them reduce destructive decisions
  • Parents learn the importance of modeling positive, responsible behavior in front of their child

Carlos Phillips Programs

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  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Staff
  • Parents

What people are saying about Carlos’ Program

“Carlos did an amazing job speaking to the girls! It was very moving at the end when Carlos spoke to each girl individually… so powerful! The relationship steps were also a wakeup call to them for sure.”

Mandy Allison - Leader, Fort Worth Young Lives

“Carlos was very engaging and provided information that was practical, encouraging and inspirational… During the Father Wounds session, he was very compassionate to each person in the room, leaving healing and tears in his wake.”

Paulette Huff - Director’s Assistant, Mid Cities Pregnancy Center

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