Funding Your School Program

Title 1 School Funding

All of our programs are Title 1 compliant. Contact your school’s principal to see if funding is available to allocate towards the cost of an assembly to help with funding your school program.

Staff Development

Schools typically have a budget set aside for staff development. Contact your principal to see if funding is available.

PTA/PTO Organizations

Just Say YES has worked with many PTA/PTO organizations. If you are a school administrator or counselor, reach out to your school’s parent group to see if they have resources to help fund or raise funds for an assembly.

Education Foundations and District Support

Many Education Foundations offer grants that can be applied to assembly programs. Visit your Education Foundation’s website or call to see if there is an application process. If there is not an Education Foundation resource, we recommend reaching out to the district to see if they would be interesting in sponsoring an assembly. Most of our speakers are able to give up to three programs a day. These three programs may be at different schools, having a greater impact on students within the district. In some cases, a parent or staff development program may also be utilized as one of the programs.

Local Businesses

We recommend contacting businesses in your area to see if they would be willing to help sponsor an assembly. To give the company or organization exposure, our speakers can announce the sponsorship at the beginning of the program.

Grant Funds Available Through Just Say YES

Just Say YES is fortunate to receive grant funding from various Dallas-Fort Worth foundations; however, restrictions and limitations do apply. Contact us today to see if any funding might be available in your school district.