Gabe Salazar

Top Latino Youth Speaker in the Nation
3rd-12th, Staff, Parent

For more than 15 years, Gabe Salazar has motivated students, parents and educators with his powerful message of hope and persistence. In recent years, he has been recognized as America’s No. 1 Latino Youth Speaker by Popular Hispanics Magazine.

Born to a teen mom and abandoned by his biological father, during adolescence Gabe felt that he was “born on accident”. He performed poorly in school, grew up in poverty and was influenced by gang members in his neighborhood. From a statistical standpoint, Gabe was considered an “at-risk youth” and was not expected to succeed in life. The turnaround for Gabe came with the help of a mentor. His high school principal helped him realized that he was not “born on accident” but instead, taught him how to “live with purpose”.

Gabe was rescued from gang influence and became the first in his family to go to college. He began his career as an Inclusion Specialist for special education and behavioral students at a middle school in San Antonio, TX. Today, he travels across the nation as a professional speaker, captivating audiences with his genuine delivery and ability to meet people where they are in life.

Through masterful storytelling, Gabe inspires and motivates his audience to action. His natural quick wit keeps audiences’ on their toes, wanting to actively listen for what comes next.

“I want students to know that there’s hope, that they should never stop believing in themselves.”

Gabe Salazar Impact

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Student Program

  • Students leave with boosted self-esteem, feeling empowered to recognize their full-potential both in the classroom and beyond
  • Students are challenged to be purposeful with their choices, and learn how to resist negative peer pressure
  • Students receive affirmation that their life has purpose, and are taught to be optimistic and excited to plan for his or her future
  • Students gain a better understanding of what bullying is and isn’t, and how to stand up to it safely

Staff Program

  • Educators learn new approaches to healthy interventions for struggling students
  • Educators are re-energized and reminded of “why” they chose education as a career, preventing burnout and low-morale in the workplace

Parent Program

  • Parents learn the importance of modeling positive, responsible behavior in front of their child
  • Parents are reminded of the importance of connecting with their child, and when behavior changes, how to approach their child in order to help them reduce destructive decisions
  • Parents are taught how to read their child’s behaviors and what approach to use in order to help them reduce destructive decisions

Gabe Salazar Programs

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  • Elementary School (3rd-5th Only)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Staff
  • Parents

What people are saying about Gabe’s Program

"We loved that Gabe Salazar was able to engage both our staff and students. What was most useful to our school was his ability to capture our demographic; it has been difficult in the past for speakers to capture our students’ attention."

Amanda Garza - IDEA Weslaco College Prep