Director of Development Sarah Conner: Why I Say YES to YOUTH

Director of Development Sarah Conner:
“Why I Say YES to YOUTH”

Director of Development Sarah Conner shares her heart for the Just Say YES mission, and explains how your North Texas Giving Day gift impacts students’ lives in our community.

Having lived in the great city of Dallas, Texas for 25 years, philanthropy has always been a huge part of my life. The important value of giving back to your community was instilled in me early on, which is why I pursued a career in the nonprofit sector right out of college.

With more than 11 years of nonprofit development and management experience, what excites me most about working for Just Say YES is that I have the incredible responsibility and privilege to make a positive impact it the lives of today’s students.

What fuels me each and every day as the Director of Development for Just Say YES are the all too common nationwide news headlines reporting of a student committing suicide due to depression, cyberbullying, or feeling so completely isolated from their family and peers, they thought they had no other choice but to end their life.

End their life.

The weight of these three words, and in relation to our youth, is inconceivable. This heartbreaking epidemic has to stop. I believe whole-heartedly that a student’s life can change when they remember this truth: They have great value and purpose in this life, and that they are enough.

This is exactly what we do at Just Say YES. We speak life into students who are on the “fringe”, meaning those who are in danger of isolation and can be easily influenced by negative pressures. Through effective programming (high-impact assemblies and peer-to-peer mentoring), Just Say YES provides social and emotional learning opportunities to K-12th grade students, equipping them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to achieve healthy and successful futures. We also support educators and parents through programs that address current issues in today’s youth culture in order to help build healthy and supportive campus and at-home climates.

Just Say YES programming works; it changes students’ lives. This North Texas Giving Day, I ask YOU to take part in helping us raise $100,000 to provide 100,000 positive choices to students in our community. With the help of a generous $50,000 match, your donation at any level will be doubled, making twice the impact on a student’s life.

On behalf of the students, educators and parents we serve, thank you for caring for our youth! Please know what incredible impact you make by supporting the Just Say YES mission.

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