Fact or Opinion

Fact or Opinion

“Fact or opinion?” questions are typically easy to answer.

“Fact or opinion, the sky is blue?”
(Answer: Fact)

“Fact or opinion, the ocean is deep?”
(Answer: Opinion)

“Fact or opinion, Texas is the greatest state in the nation?”
(Answer: Depends on who you are talking to, but technically speaking, Opinion)

When it comes to evaluating our self-worth; however, the questions may become a bit more difficult to answer.

“Fact or opinion, you have value?”

“Fact or opinion, you have great purpose in life?”

“Fact or opinion, you are loved?”

This exact exercise is what Just Say YES Speaker Gabe Salazar walks students through in his assembly program. Prepare to be amazed (and inspired!) on how today’s youth answers these crucial questions.