February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

At Just Say YES, we are constantly adapting to today’s youth culture, working closely with school counselors and administrators to address important topics that are taking place on their campus. When reflecting on the most requested topics in 2018 for our student assemblies, healthy relationships and dating violence were at the top of the list for high school and young adult audiences.

Today’s youth is faced with much greater hardships and pressures than we could ever imagine (social media being one of the largest contributing factors). But what has truly caused this sudden high demand for healthy relationships/teen dating violence programs?

Some accredit the issue to low self-esteem, while others say it relates to a child’s upbringing, peer pressure, or lack of knowledge of what a true relationship is. But the most important question we want to ask YOU today is, “What is your campus or community doing to address this daunting issue?”

TAKE ACTION TOWARD A SOLUTION TODAY by booking a Just Say YES student assembly, staff and/or parent program. Our featured speakers share powerful stories of how dating violence has affected their own lives, and will:

  • Educate students on what an unhealthy relationship really looks like and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries
  • Provide students with effective tools on refusal skills, how to identify signs of abuse, and what to do if they detect violence in a relationship
  • Educate parents and educators on how to identify signs of dating violence and evaluate their child’s behaviors
  • Inform parents and educators on what approach to use in order to help their child/student get out of an abusive or unhealthy relationship

(Insert Visuals of Featured Speakers and add subtitles for their names)

  • Keith and Sara Davis

Dynamic Husband and Wife Duo

  • Tory Gant

National PALS Trainer

  • Gabe Salazar

Top Latino Youth Speaker in the Nation

  • Carlos Phillips

Educator, SRAS Certified

YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE. Encourage your campus or community to come together in order to prevent teen dating violence. For more information on a particular speaker, or to book a program, contact us today at info@justsayyes.org or 888-579-5790.

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