Keep Your Students Safe on Prom Night

Keep Your Students Safe on Prom Night

Dressing up, dancing the night away and having a blast with friends are all part of the prom experience. Prom is seen as a right of passage for teens across the country, and it should be fun! However, teens can also experience significant peer pressure, leading them to make unhealthy and/or unsafe choices. We want our students to be safe on prom night. It is so imperative to inform teens on how to have a fun, safe prom experience without making destructive choices.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

To cope with peer pressure, some teens turn to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The use of these substances can cause relaxation, loss of inhibitions and altered perceptions. It can also cause teens to make destructive choices and participate in risky behaviors that put their health and safety at risk.

Healthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence

Certain pressures and expectations of taking a relationship further can arise during prom season. Any sexual contact that is not 100 percent consensual, including any type of pressure that leads to sexual activity, oral sex, touching or kissing that is unwanted by the victim is considered sexual coercion. This also includes sexual contact with a partner who is intoxicated or drugged and unable to give clear and informed consent.

Keeping Students Safe on Prom Night – What We Do:

Just Say YES Speakers Keith and Sara Davis are a dynamic husband-wife duo that dive into important topics such as drug and alcohol prevention, healthy boundaries, love vs. lust, and self-respect in their Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence program for high school students. The unique format of having both a male and female perspective in one assembly allows all students to learn the importance of self-control, while also being emboldened to rise up from peer pressure.

Keith’s message gives audiences tools on how to effectively address boundaries in dating, refusal skills, and how to establish a positive circle of friends. He also explains how to identify the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and what to do when experiencing violence in a relationship or want to commit violence toward someone else.

Sara teaches students how to develop the attributes of a leader, with the intent of leaving a legacy of excellence in whatever environment or arena they enter in life. She equips students to achieve their highest potential by avoiding risk behaviors and to be the Q.U.E.E.N. (Qualified, Unique, Educated, Excellence, Noble) or K.I.N.G. (Kind, Intelligent, Noble, Gentle) they were created to be.

After experiencing Keith and Sara’s program, students walk away with a better understanding of what an unhealthy relationship really looks like, and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries. For the male students, Keith and Sara challenge them to be strong, respectful men of character. For the female students, they insist that they learn to see and appreciate their own value and self-worth.

Equip your students to have a positive prom experience, without compromising their safety! Book Keith and Sara’s program today by contacting us at or 888-579-5790.