Standardized Test Prep is Around the Corner!

Standardized Testing Is Almost Here!

How is your campus motivating and preparing students for the upcoming test season?

Today’s youth is faced with much greater academic pressures than we could ever imagine. Beginning in elementary school, students experience immense pressure surrounding test performance, and many states require students to pass standardized tests in order to be qualified to move onto the next grade. This pressure can lead students to develop testing anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, and could also be detrimental to their academic performance.

How is your campus motivating and preparing students for the upcoming testing season?


Our mission is to equip today’s youth to succeed both in the classroom and beyond.

We come alongside school PTA/PTO leadership, counselors and/or administrative teams to determine the best assembly for your campus needs. JSY assemblies specific to standardized test prep are highly-engaging and create scholastic enthusiasm, or what we like to call, “academic pep rallies.”  This year’s featured standardized test prep assembly speakers share powerful stories that will encourage and inspire your students to aim for higher achievement!

Tory Gant
National PALS Trainer

Keith Davis

National Speaker & former NFL player

Gabe Salazar

Top Latino Youth Speaker in the Nation

Gabe Salazar


Grant Price
Magician and Mentalist


YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE. By booking a JSY assembly, your students will walk into their next quiz, exam, final or standardized test feeling equipped and confident that they know the material and can achieve great success.

For more information on a particular speaker, or to book a program, contact us today at or 888-579-5790.