A Day in the Life of a Just Say YES Student Mentor

A Day in the Life of a Just Say YES Student Mentor

Written By: Brisa Rosas, Just Say YES Student Mentor, Lakeview Centennial High School

My alarm goes off at 5:50 a.m. I get dressed for school, wake up my siblings, make breakfast and then ask my older sister to drive me to school.

I attend Lakeview Centennial HS, the only high school in Garland ISD that is a College & Career Magnet. The students are friendly; however, there are days when fights happen and some kids often misbehave. What makes Lakeview unique though is the sense of family. The staff is very supportive, and wants to help us become better people.

First period begins at 7:30 a.m., which is algebra class out in the classroom portables. I like math and the teacher makes it easy to learn. Third period is my favorite because it’s soccer. I have played my whole life, and feel a sense of freedom when I’m on the field. One day I hope to receive a soccer scholarship, which I know would make my mom proud.

Once a week during last period, I attend the Just Say YES Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program. Before the program, I would describe my life as a closed door. I felt like I didn’t have support or someone motivating me. I was left alone, often doubting myself and thinking I wouldn’t achieve much in life.

Just Say YES has changed my life by opening doors for me and providing the support and encouragement of others to push me to be my very best. Through the program, I have learned lessons about character and what it means to be a leader. I am starting to believe in myself, and know that if I put my mind and heart towards a goal, I can succeed. I now would describe me life in the future as fearless, because I feel like I can accomplish anything.

The last bell rings, and I meet up with friends to walk home. After homework, I help my little sister with hers. Before I know it, it is time for dinner and bed; where I fall asleep dreaming of a bright and hopeful future.


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