Introducing our NEW JSY Intern!

Meet Our Intern: Vartika Varshney

This blog post was provided by our intern Vartika Varshney.

Getting to Know Me

Hello everyone! My name is Vartika Varshney, and I am the new Marketing and Communications Intern at Just Say YES – Youth Equipped to Succeed (JSY). Currently, I am studying toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). After my undergraduate degree is complete, I plan to stay at UTD to pursue a master’s degree in international management studies with a concentration in finance, as well as a master’s degree in marketing on the product management track.

I was born in India, but my family moved to southern California for my father’s job when I was 3 years old. After living there for about eight years, my dad was transferred to the company’s Texas branch, and we have lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ever since.

I love spending time with my friends and family, reading, watching various TV shows, and playing my guitar (badly I might add, but hey, I’m still learning!). I’m also a huge researcher and often find myself falling down the Wikipedia rabbit hole. I have a great interest in traveling and have listed all the places I eventually want to see. Thus far, Hawaii has been my favorite place that I have visited. I’ve been back to India twice since moving to America and have also visited the U.S. East Coast, along with Florida.

How I Got Here

Before joining JSY, I recently did an internship where I helped with Beverly Powell’s Texas Senate campaign. I worked primarily with donor information in the finance department, and I learned a lot about running a campaign and the election process.

On campus, I am heavily involved in various leadership roles. I am a peer-led team learning (PLTL) leader for general chemistry, a PLTL mentor, a First Year Leader (FYL), a Freshman Mentor, and I am also on the Collegium V (CV) Honors Program Executive Council. Aside from all this, I also regularly volunteer with the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society. Despite being so busy, I love being involved on campus because I enjoy spending time with others and learning from them.


I am excited to work at JSY because it is truly a wonderful organization that is helping students succeed in all aspects of their lives. Students are learning to build healthy relationships that will better equip them to achieve brighter futures. I also really like the mission of JSY. The organization is working to make the world a much better place by better educating the next generation.

I am so excited to be working at JSY and can’t wait to learn more about what marketing for a nonprofit organization is like!