Meet Ruth Cooper, JSY Operations Assistant

Welcoming Ruth Cooper to Just Say YES

Cooper joins the JSY Team as the organization’s Operations Assistant

As we look to expand our reach and empower more students across the nation, the team is eager to announce our newest addition: Ruth Cooper, serving as the organization’s Operations Assistant.

Ruth comes with experience working in the nonprofit world as well as working with young adults. She is also a recent graduate, earning her master’s degree in counseling.

We sat down with Ruth to learn more about her life and passion for equipping today’s youth to succeed!

Where are you from?
I am from the Dallas area, specifically Addison.

Where did you study and what did you major in?
I have two degrees. I have a bachelor’s degree in recreational parks and tourism sciences (RPTS) from Texas A&M University, and I also have a master’s degree in counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Careerwise, I hope to one day own a coffee shop called Haven Coffee House and run a counseling practice as well. I would also love to eventually own Airbnb investments in Nashville and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Why did you choose Just Say YES?
Just Say YES has this really cool mission where they want to give today’s youth a full YES in life; a full YES to dreams and goals; a full YES to practical realities that they can activate now. I really like the positive message they give students, and it is something I want to be a part of.

What makes you most excited to work here every day?
The team is my favorite part. People wear many hats with all the various roles, but ultimately, everyone comes together as one toward our cause. If you don’t know something, you can ask questions. It’s mission-focused and team-minded here.