Keith Davis

Former NFL Player and Rose Bowl Champion K-12, Staff, Parent

Keith Davis is a former college and professional football player who has learned many lessons about winning and losing over the course of his life. After a football injury ended his National Football League career, Keith decided to dedicate his life’s work to motivational speaking in hopes of being a positive voice for today’s youth. His resounding message to students is that with effort, a focus on education and the excellence they already possess, they too can be champions.

Keith shares his personal testimony of growing up in a rough inner-city neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Regardless of his circumstances, and with the help of a mentor, Keith decided to P.U.S.H. (Persevere Until Success Happens) for a better future. His drive and determination helped him overcome obstacles both in the classroom and beyond. By working hard to improve his remedial reading skills, Keith achieved his dream of receiving a football scholarship to play at the University of Southern California (USC), and was the first person in his family to attend college.

At USC, Keith was an All-Conference player and the team’s lead tackler. He won two championship rings, one of which was a Rose Bowl Championship. Keith held the highest grade point average on the football team and graduated with a degree in Business Finance. He then signed with the New York Giants and was one of the strongest players on the team, bench-pressing 515 pounds and leg-pressing 1,800 pounds!

“No one is born a winner or a loser, but everyone is born a chooser!”

Keith Davis Impact

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Student Program

  • Students leave energized and are motivated to achieve higher academic success
  • Students are reminded to find confidence in themselves and their unique gifts, and are encouraged to overcome great adversity by someone who has
  • Students learn the importance of being well-rounded and developing their skills and character, which ultimately improves campus climate

Staff Program

  • Educators are reminded of the lasting impact they can have on a student’s life, and are encouraged to improve connections with their students
  • Educators learn how to connect with students of diverse backgrounds, helping them to navigate academic, social and cultural barriers
  • Educators understand the importance of a “team” mentality, increasing morale, preventing burnout, and improving communication as a staff

Parent Program

  • Parents understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships within the family unit and are provided examples and applications on how best to connect with their child
  • Parents learn why their involvement is vital in helping their child succeed

Keith Davis Programs

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  • Elementary School (K-5th)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Staff
  • Parents

What people are saying about Keith’s Program

"Many of our students come from broken homes or are living in difficult situations. Keith Davis’ story taught our students that they can accomplish anything no matter where they come from or what their background is."

Chloe Frazier - Larson Elementary

“Keith spoke tremendous encouragement into the lives of the Hale High School and Middle School students. These children were told that they are victors in their circumstances and that they have the power to change their lives simply by choosing to do so. This was life-changing for them. The take-away will stick with them; P.U.S.H., 1st & 2nd half, and the difference between losers and winners. Also, the way Keith acknowledged that these kids are going through some really hard stuff and was able to relate was incredible. The kids swarmed him after the program to get pictures and to thank him.”

Michelle Fail - Parent, Tulsa Public Schools

"Keith Davis and crew were very engaging; the content of their message was strong and timely for our 9th grade students. The students that I talked to said his message was great and it pushed them to reflect on their future choices. The speakers presented their story of growing up. They had challenges in their live and it did not stop them from being successful which was extremely powerful.”

Dwight Lofton - Assistant Principal, Lakeview Centennial High School

“This was the fifth year I have had the pleasure to work with Keith Davis. This man had the same energetic attitude at our presentation as he had the first year I met him! Keith is genuine, compassionate, electric and awe-inspiring. I scanned the audience numerous times; the students, and staff, were mesmerized! The students were engaged throughout the entire 50 minutes. That is usually a challenge with middle school students. After the program, one of my student’s said, ‘This has been the best day of my life.’”

Letty Cruz - Intervention Specialist, Leonard Middle School