Keith and Sara Davis

Dynamic Husband and Wife Duo

Keith and Sara Davis are a dynamic husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering today’s youth.

In their healthy relationships program for high school students, Keith and Sara dive into important topics such as: healthy boundaries, love vs. lust and self-worth. The unique format of having both a male and female perspective in one assembly allows students to learn the importance of self-control, while also being emboldened to rise up from peer pressure.

Through his personal testimony, Keith shares a story of his mother and her dating relationship that went from assumed love to physical violence and abuse. His message provides students with tools on how to address healthy boundaries in dating, refusal skills, and the importance of establishing a positive circle of friends. Keith also educates students on identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and what to do if they are receiving violence from someone, or feel like committing violence upon someone else.

As a former collegiate All-American track and field sprinter, Sara uses her experiences from the track to give audiences real-life examples that relate to what students across the country are experiencing today. Through her powerful messages, Sara empowers students to achieve their highest potential by becoming the Q.U.E.E.N. (Qualified, Unique, Educated, Excellence, Noble) or K.I.N.G. (Kind, Intelligent, Noble, Gentle) they were created to be.

Together, Keith and Sara challenge male students to be strong respectful young men of character, and equip female students on how to see and appreciate their own value and self-worth. Students will walk away with a better understanding of what an unhealthy relationship really looks like, and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries.

“Our hope is that students walk out of our program knowing that they don’t have to compromise; that they truly can have more if they don’t settle for less.”

Keith and Sara Davis Impact

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Student Program

  • Students gain a better understanding of what defines an unhealthy relationship and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries based on self-respect
  • Students become equipped on how to identify signs of abuse, and what to do if they detect violence in a relationship

Keith and Sara Davis Programs

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  • High School

What people are saying about Keith and Sara’s Program

“I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was having Keith here. He was very well received by the students and I believe made a lasting impression on them. I truly believe that we reached out to students and had them explore the dating violence issue more openly because of his presentation.”

John Salovardos - Director of Pupil Services, Narragansett Regional School District

“Our students enjoyed the entire program and really benefited from the message of healthy relationships. We have many students who have been in relationships that included dating violence and some of our students voiced that they wished their peers could have seen the program as well. One of our parents was able to attend the assembly and hopes that our campus will continue to have more positive programming such as Keith and Sara’s.”

Crystal Mercer - • Intervention Specialist, Trimble Technical High School