Middle & High School Assemblies

Middle and High School Assemblies

Powerful and interactive 3-screen assembly programs designed to erase the insecurities and fears students face daily, replacing them with an understanding of their true potential and the desire and motivation to be the best they can be in whatever circumstances they face.

Separate middle school and high school versions available for some films due to content appropriateness.

It’s My Life

Theme: Responsibility

IT’S MY LIFE is a thought-provoking film focusing on the desire for control, our quest for independence, and the power to choose what we feel is best for our lives. Students will learn that the power to choose requires a heavy dose of personal responsibility, and that making the responsible choice isn’t always easy (and often the “fun” choices are in direct conflict with the responsible choices).

Go Viral

Theme: Social Media Safety & Peer Pressure (vaping, etc.)

GO VIRAL! is a film that challenges students to make real connections. Technology and social media have altered how we communicate today in some amazing ways; however; too many students are abusing these tools as well. Students will learn how to act safely and responsibly within the worlds of technology and social media, and will also gain a new sense their own self-worth.