Parent Programs

At Just Say YES, our philosophy is that a connected student is a protected student.

Most parents do not realize that their own voice is the strongest influence in their child’s life. Our Just Say YES programs are designed to equip parents with effective tools and strategies to strengthen that connection. It is important for parents to know how to discuss the realities and consequences of risk behaviors with their children before they face them, ultimately preparing them to deal with peer pressure and temptations for when they arise.

Audience members from all backgrounds will leave our parent programs with a better understanding of the topic at hand, and will also learn: how to effectively connect and communicate with their child; how to identify signs of risky behaviors and assess their child’s actions; understand the importance of strong relationships within the family unit.

Parent programs are led by our very own Just Say YES motivational youth speakers, who are highly qualified and certified to speak to parents about various issues their child may face daily.

Featured topics include:

  • Bullying prevention
  • Drugs and alcohol prevention
  • Healthy body image/self-esteem
  • Healthy family technology boundaries
  • Sexual risk avoidance
  • Social media safety
  • Teen suicide and depression

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The prices for parent programs vary a bit by speaker and program location, as well as the desired program length (one hour, half day, full day). If you are seeking pricing information on a particular program or speaker, please contact us today at and a Program Development Manager will respond to you promptly. The Funding My Program page also gives helpful tips on how to tap into possible resources for financial support.

What people are saying about our Parent Programs

“Christy Baca’s social media safety program is fantastic! She provides parents with resources to let them know about apps frequently used by teens, software monitoring options, and the positive and negative attributes of social media.”

Jennifer Benavides - Hudson Middle School

“Jonathan was warm, funny and engaging. He did a marvelous job going back and forth between languages. Parents and students stayed afterwards to be able to interact with him.”

Kelly Gillham - Springdale Elementary

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