Sara Davis

Wellness Coach, Safe Conversations© Trainer, SRAS Certified

Sara Davis is a sought after inspirational speaker, equipping audiences to be the true champions they were designed to become.

As a former collegiate All-American track and field sprinter, Sara uses her experiences from the track to give audiences real-life examples that relate to what students across the country are experiencing today. Through her message, she reminds audiences, “No one else can run the race of life for you – YOU must show up and be ready for game time.” Sara also focuses on the importance of education and how it fuels a student’s individual uniqueness.

Sara also has a program specifically for high school girls called, “I AM A Q.U.E.E.N.,” an acronym for Qualified, Unique, Education, Excellence, Noble. The interactive program provides a positive message that educates young women on how to develop the attributes of both a leader and a lady, with the intent of leaving a legacy of excellence in whatever arena they enter in life.

For educators and parents, Sara leads the Safe Conversations ® training, where participants learn how to engage every part of the brain in conversation for a positive outcome. This adaptable dialogue process helps to facilitate an atmosphere where all points of view are heard and validated. The communication techniques can easily be applied in a classroom environment, professional setting, or even parent-to-child discussions.

Enhanced by her personal experience with many cultures and age groups, Sara is an inspiration to the hearts and minds of any audience eager to embrace a life transformation.

“When choosing your friend groups, remember this: you have to run WITH a champion so that you can run LIKE a champion.”


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Student Program

  • Students are motivated to be their best self, and are encouraged to become the champion they were born to be using their unique gifts
  • Students learn the importance of make right decisions in order the achieve their dreams and goals
  • Students are challenged to believe in their self-worth and to never settle for less

Staff Program

  • Educators are equipped with new conversation skills to help them work through crises and high stress situations
  • Educators learn new communication techniques to help them better understand, empathize, and support their students
  • Educators walk away inspired to continue their role as an educator, and are better equipped to help their students succeed

Parent Program

  • Parents learn the value of their role as parents and partners in their child’s education
  • Parents become better equipped on how to communicate with their child, and how to approach certain topics in a non-threatening way
  • Parents learn the importance of modeling positive, responsible behavior in front of their child


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  • Character Development
  • Dating Violence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Self-Image
  • Safe Conversations ®


  • High School
  • Staff
  • Parents

What people are saying about Sara’s Program

“Sara’s message of, ‘the value of your gift, if you work at it, can place you in the presence of great people,’ really struck home with our students. Some teachers said their students could not stop talking about her program and were very excited.”

Sandi Massey - Principal, Thomas Jefferson High School