“I want students to know they are worth more than the temporary affirmation a LIKE button gives them.” ~ Christy Baca

After seeing the effects social media has had on her daughters’ lives, speaker and author Christy Baca developed awareness programs on the benefits and risks social media poses for teens. Christy specializes in programs for students, parents and educators on social media awareness, cyberbullying and sexual risk awareness. She has more than ten years of speaking and curriculum writing experience in public schools and is a certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist.

Her presentation, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” informs students about what motivates online bullies and encourages them to become an up-stander. She explains the role of an up-stander as one who acts with the three R’s: respond with empathy; report, don’t re-send; and rally with support.

Christy’s parent and staff program defines the positive and negative attributes of social media and equips adults with signs of cyberbullying and how to respond, software monitoring options, and apps frequently abused by teens. Her program gives parents tools for discussing healthy family technology boundaries.

Christy wants students, parents and teachers to know there are ways to communicate and model positive social media in order to change the trend of cyberbullying.