“I want teenagers to know they matter and their lives are worth living. My goal is to instill hope in teens who feel like suicide is the only answer. My program educates and brings awareness to this heartbreaking reality that has impacted so many families. I believe suicide is preventable if we as friends, teachers and parents know what to look for. With 5,000 teens attempting suicide in the U.S. each year, this is an issue that demands to be addressed.” – Julia Sadler

Julia Sadler is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in treating teenagers struggling with self-harm, depression, eating disorders and suicide. She has her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling. Julia has been working with teenagers for the past eight years and speaking regularly on these topics.

After struggling personally with these issues as a teen, Julia has devoted her life to encouraging teenagers not to give up. She believes that through awareness and education many lives can be saved.

“The majority of teenagers feel alone in their struggles,” she says. “They need to hear that others have walked this path and come out alive on the other side. There is not only hope but effective treatment for these issues.”

“After learning that my daughter may need to return to residential treatment after recently leaving a residential treatment, I was feeling pretty low. An email from my daughter’s high school alerted me to a talk by Julia Sadler on depression and anxiety. I am so glad I went. I learned so much in one evening about the scientific, developmental, and psychological components of these issues. She explained some complex issues in ways I could understand. Her information about the two sides of the brain was so helpful to me as I walk through this situation with my child. Her friendly personality made parents feel at ease as we tackled these hard issues.” –Parent, Mt. Ararat High School

“I am the father of a teenage daughter with depression and anxiety, and I wanted Julia to know that some of the things she said were really things I needed to hear. I guess they were things I already knew. It’s so hard not to be angry with a kid who seems intent on destroying a family, but her talk reminded me that I need to try harder than ever to be compassionate and available to my daughter, and I thank her immensely for that.” – Parent, Mt. Ararat High School

Program Power

Student Program

  • Julia Sadler teaches students about the three main factors that impact their risk for depression — biological, situational, and life style
  • Students learn the function of their emotions and the importance of expressing them
  • Students learn the signs of depression and suicide so they can recognize them in themselves and others
  • Julia provides hope for those struggling with depression and suicide by reassuring them that they are not alone and shares practical ways for them to find help
  • She debunks myths about suicide and depression

Parent Program

  • Julia Sadler empowers parents to deal with difficult issues in ways that don’t cause teens to lose heart
  • She educates parents on signs of depression and suicide and how to know when it’s more than just hormones
  • She gives practical tools on how to talk to teens about depression, suicide and self harm
  • She teaches parents a model to use with teens to explain emotions and their functions
  • She explains and debunks the suicide fantasy

Staff Program

  • Educators learn the signs of depression and suicide (four out of five teens who commit suicide give clear warning signs)
  • They receive ideas about how to address these issues in a non-threatening way
  • Julia discusses how to prevent chain/copy cat reaction suicide in schools
  • She gives a practical model to use to teach students about their emotions and what to do with them
  • She explains and debunks the suicide fantasy

Book Julia Sadler to speak to your students or parents, or provide your teachers with an excellent staff development training.