“Our hope is that students walk out of our program knowing that they don’t have to compromise; that they truly can have more if they don’t settle for less.” – Keith and Sara Davis

Keith and Sara Davis are a dynamic husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering today’s youth. Combined, they have more than 45 years of experience inspiring and encouraging audiences of all ages around the world to make constructive and rewarding life choices.

In their Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence program for high school students, Keith and Sara dive into important topics such as: healthy boundaries, love vs. lust and self-worth. The unique format of having both a male and female perspective in one assembly allows all students to learn the importance of self-control, while also being emboldened to rise up from peer pressure.

Keith is a former NFL player who uses strength and agility to demonstrate powerful messages. Through his personal testimony, Keith shares a story of his mother and her dating relationship that went from assumed love to physical violence and abuse. His message gives audiences tools on how to effectively address boundaries in dating, refusal skills, and how to establish a positive circle of friends. Keith also explains how to identify the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and what to do if they are feeling violence in dating relationship, or feel like committing violence toward someone else.

Sara is a former track and field sprinter who ran on one of the fastest collegiate women’s track teams in the United States. She is an All-American athlete from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and her teammates consisted of some of the most celebrated Olympic female champions in American history. Sara teaches audience members how to develop the attributes of a leader, with the intent of leaving a legacy of excellence in whatever environment or arena they enter in life. Sara equips students to achieve their highest potential by avoiding risk behaviors and to be the Q.U.E.E.N. (Qualified, Unique, Educated, Excellence, Noble) or K.I.N.G. (Kind, Intelligent, Noble, Gentle) they were created to be.

After experiencing Keith and Sara’s program, students walk away with a better understanding of what an unhealthy relationship really looks like, and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries. Specifically for male students, Keith and Sara will challenge them to be strong, respectful men of character. As for female students, Keith and Sara will insist that they learn to see and appreciate their own value and self-worth.

Program Power

Student Impact:

  • Students walk away with a better understanding of what an unhealthy relationship really looks like and how critical it is to establish healthy boundaries
  • Keith and Sara give students effective tools on refusal skills, how to identify signs of abuse, and what to do if they detect violence in a relationship

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