sara-davis“When choosing your friend groups, remember: you have to run WITH a champion so that you can run LIKE a champion.”—Sara Davis

Sara Davis is a sought after inspirational speaker both domestically and internationally, encouraging students to be the true champions that they were designed to become. She is a former track and field sprinter who ran on one of the fastest women’s track teams in the United States. Sara is an All-American athlete from one of the nation’s most admired colleges, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and her teammates consisted of some of the most celebrated Olympic female champions in American history.

Using her experiences on the track, Sara gives real life examples that relate to what teens all over the country are experiencing today. She encourages students by reminding them that no one else can run the race of life for them—each person must show up and be ready for game time. Sara also addresses the importance of education and how it fuels a student’s individual uniqueness.

Her presentation, specifically for high school girls, is called “I AM A QUEEN” (Qualified, Unique, Education, Excellence, Noble), which promotes the positive message that every woman is qualified to be great and uniquely created. The interactive program motivates, inspires and educates young women to develop the attributes of a leader and a lady, with the intent of leaving a legacy of excellence in whatever environment or arena they enter in life.

Sara’s program will empower all students to achieve excellence both in the classroom and beyond.