Get to Know Us

Just Say YES is proud to hire the best and the brightest talent who share the passion and commitment of equipping today’s youth to succeed!

Staff Members

Dan Bailey

Founder and President

“At Just Say YES, we believe that a connected student is a protected student. Just Say YES is helping students build connections not only at school, but in every aspect of their lives. The positive messages and skills students learn from our programs are ones that will powerfully impact them today and well beyond high school.”

Sarah Conner

Director of Development

“A student may hear for the first time in their life that they have value and purpose through a Just Say YES program. A student’s life can change when they remember this truth. To me, that is why Just Say YES is so important in equipping the next generation to succeed.”

Deborah Holand

Director of Operations

“The Just Say YES mission is vital in guiding today’s youth toward a positive future. Students are encouraged and uplifted through our programs, which in turn inspires them to become a positive voice in other people’s lives.”

Kara DuBois

Director of Communications

“The people of Just Say YES are what make this organization so great. Our office staff, youth speakers, donors and educators all have one common passion, and that is to ensure all students have the encouragement and tools they need in order to succeed in life.”

Celia Weitzel

Director of School District Partnerships

“It is incredibly rewarding to watch an assembly full of students connect with a Just Say YES speaker. Students find moments of familiarity and relatability that allows them to connect the speaker’s message to their own lives and futures.”

Nikki Lane

Lead Program Development Manager

“In my role, I have the opportunity to see the challenges students are facing each and every day. At Just Say YES, we instill values and worth into students so they can discover the right path to take in life.”

Meredith Patterson

Program Development Manager

”In my role, I have the unique opportunity to see young lives change; one student at a time. Our dynamic assembly speakers share their life lessons of overcoming adversity and obstacles that ultimately help students to succeed both in the classroom and in life.”

Brittany Priess

Program Development Manager

“I love working for Just say YES because I am passionate about equipping students to succeed. Today’s youth is exposed to so many messages and voices via social media, television and the internet. Just Say YES is that positive voice among the rest, empowering our youth to achieve better and brighter futures.”

Rayshannette Trotter

Mentor Coordinator

“My passion in life is to mentor today’s youth, guiding them to make good choices and achieve their highest potential. It is extremely gratifying to work for an organization that pulls greatness out of students through peer-to-peer mentoring and motivational speakers.”

Haziel Beltran

Mentor Coordinator

”I believe every student is destined for greatness. Without exception, we are all born with purpose and potential. My goal is to empower our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring students to dream for a bigger tomorrow, while making wise decisions today, regardless of the NO they face in their daily lives.”

Ashley Nesby

Mentor Coordinator

“Youth today can be oversaturated with content and images, making it difficult to find accountability and autonomy. Our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program challenges youth to hold themselves and their peers at a higher standard so they can become more successful and develop better decision making skills.”

Ruth Cooper

Operations Assistant

”I believe in giving the next generation the fullest ‘YES’ by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to chase the greater calling on their lives. Just Say YES is leading the charge in this area and because of its growing program impact, schools, families and communities are connecting in new and versatile ways.”

Holly Bates

Grant Specialist

“The inspiring messages that students receive from our assembly speakers and programs are what they need to hear. Many students today do not have a positive role model or voice in their life, and that’s exactly what Just Say YES provides.”

Vartika Varshney


“Just Say YES is a wonderful organization that is helping students succeed in all aspects of their lives. Students are learning how to build healthy relationships with their peers, and are being equipped to make right choices. The world is becoming a much better place by better educating the next generation through JSY programming.”