Breaking the Cycle of Teen Pregnancy

Breaking the Cycle of Teen Pregnancy

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Research shows that children of teen parents often become teen parents themselves. Through this program, Brenda Teele hopes to put an end to that pattern of early sexual activity by providing parent education and personal experience that give teen parents the skills they need to break the cycle. Teens are equipped to talk to their children about sex and the importance of sexual risk avoidance. Brenda shows teens that their early choices can impact their lives without defining their futures.

Breaking the Cycle programs are only available for schools in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas. They are geared for teen parents and educators of teen parents. Each student will receive a copy of Simple Truths with Mary Flo Ridley to help them continue the conversation with their children as they grow. Please ask us about possible grant funding.


Brenda Teele

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“If I had heard this message as a teen, about the true meaning of sex and its deeper emotional impact, saying ‘no’ would have been easy,” says Brenda Teele. “The message of Breaking the Cycle gives teens a bigger ‘YES.’”

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