Tory Gant

National PALS Trainer
3rd-12th, Staff, Parent

Tory Gant is an energetic motivational speaker whose contagious smile and enthusiasm leaps out at audiences through every word he speaks. His powerful messages never fail to get people fired up about making positive changes in their lives. Tory’s unique, and often times humorous, style of speaking highly engages audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Within the last 14 years, Tory has also traveled across the nation training teachers and students on the PAL® Curriculum.

By drawing from experiences of his own difficult childhood, Tory inspires audiences to not let their struggles define them, but to focus on making small positive changes that will add up to life transformation. His strategy for success was put to the test when he spent seven years as a Youth Director facilitating outreach programs on the streets of Austin, Texas. During this time, he helped gang-affiliated teens overcome destructive lifestyles, and taught them how to transform into positive role models for their communities.

With his encouraging nature, Tory explains the importance of recognizing small victories in everyday life, and how ultimately they create an atmosphere of success. Through his message, people discover how to embrace their strengths, live with a positive outlook, be kind to others, and how to overcome obstacles.

“I love to see people lifted up from destruction and beat the odds of failure.”

Tory Gant Impact

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Student Program

  • Students are inspired to not let their circumstances define them, but to focus on making small positive changes that will add up to life transformation
  • Students are challenged to be purposeful with their choices, and learn how to resist negative peer pressure and destructive decisions

Staff Program

  • Educators understand the importance of creating a caring, encouraging campus environment in order to help students reach their highest potential
  • Educators learn how to connect with students of diverse backgrounds, helping them relate and communicate effectively in order to help overcome academic, social and cultural barriers
  • Educators walk away inspired and re-energized to continue their role as an educator, preventing burnout and boosting morale

Parent Program

  • Parents understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships within the family unit
  • Parents learn why their involvement is vital in helping their child succeed in school

Tory Gant Programs

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  • Elementary School (3rd-5th Only)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Staff
  • Parents

What people are saying about Tory’s Program

"I have heard Tory Gant speak several times now. He does a great job speaking with the students and also brings in relative topics that are needed locally. Many of the things he discussed hit home."

Steve Morrow - Whitewright High School